Taxation Services

Taxation has become significantly more complex in today’s environment. Tax expense can be a substantial cash outlay for any business. Therefore, it is crucial to obtain good advice to ensure proper tax compliance. Our taxation services associate aims to help individuals and corporations maximise tax savings within the tax legal framework. They can look into your corporate structure to identify areas for strategic tax planning. They can also provide advice on individual tax management to maximise after-tax income.

Our taxation services associate provides high quality taxation services as follows:

  • Tax compliance for companies
    · Tax compliance for sole-proprietors, partnerships and individuals
    · Corporate tax planning, review and restructuring
    · Individual tax planning
    · Advice on tax efficient remuneration package
    · Advice on dividend pay-out
    · Advice on international tax issues using our DFK International networks
    · Advice on withholding taxes
    · Tax objections and appeal in respect of disputes on tax assessed
    · Assistance on payroll compliance and Form IR8A reporting
    · Advice on Goods and Services Tax
    · Advice on other tax related matters

Person to contact:

Ms Esther Choo (Manager) –

MHC Tax Services Pte. Ltd.