Firm’s Profile

MHC Partnership LLP (formerly MHC & Associates, DFK) was established in December 1997 by Mr Cheong Mun Hong.  Ms Cheong Kum Foong joined as a partner in March 1998.  Mr Sim Wee Leong was admitted as a partner in January 2020.

Our firm was admitted as a member firm of DFK International, a major worldwide group of independent accounting firms.  DFK International is represented in 90 countries and has a total of 215 individual member firms operating from over 417 offices in 90 countries.  Being affiliated with DFK International allows us to meet the needs of businesses and individuals with interests in more than one country.

Our professional practice has 3 partners with staff strength of more than 20 professional and support staff.  We are well equipped to provide accounting, auditing, taxation, corporate secretarial and consultancy services to a wide range of clients.

Our firm’s clientele includes manufacturers, traders, contractors/developers, solicitors, schools, travel agencies, management corporations and clubs/societies/associations.  We are also engaged by the Ministry of Education to perform internal audit for government schools in Singapore.  So far, we have carried out internal audit for more than 50 government schools ranging from primary schools to junior colleges.

Our firm’s services extend beyond Singapore as the partners, managers and professional staff have performed audit and due diligence work in China and Malaysia as well as business advisory and taxation services for our clients’ Malaysian and Hong Kong operations.

Structured in-house training courses covering topics on audit, taxation and management are held frequently to develop our people and to keep abreast with rapid changes in technology and legislation.

Our partners and managers have also published several research articles and conducted seminars on various topics of current development for our clients and business associates.  The research articles cover a wide range of interesting and relevant topics.  The seminars conducted by us have received good response from clients and business associates and details of the seminars can be accessed from our website.

We also take pride in our involvement with community services.  We organise donations to charitable organisation regularly.  For example, we have participated in donation drives during the Turkey and India earthquake disasters and the Asia tsunamis.  In 2000, we have also been conferred an award by Nanyang Technological University, Nanyang Business School for our participation in the professional attachment training programme in which we provide on the job training to accountancy undergraduates.

In April 2013, our firm has been appointed as an Accredited Training Organisation (“ATO”) by the Singapore Accountancy Commission (“SAC”).

As an ATO, we are recognized by the SAC as having the appropriate working environment, and mentoring support for staff who wish to undertake the Singapore Qualification Programme (“QP”).  In line with the CDAS Final Report, we believe that the Singapore QP will attract talent from all disciplines to join us and aspire to be Chartered Accountants of Singapore.

In early 2014, we have joined Singapore Accountancy Alliance (“SAA”) which is an initiative spearheaded by CPA Australia to increase the capability which expand on the range of services offered by Small and medium practices (SMPs).  Efforts are focused on improving services, providing enhancements in processes such as succession planning and leveraging on CPA Australia’s extensive infrastructure and resources to achieve greater economies of scale.  The SAA also hopes to build up the profile of a global brand that is accepted and recognised in the market.

In March 2014, our firm has been awarded by the CPA Australia the Recognized Employer status (Knowledge Level).

In September 2014, our application for ACCA Approved Employer – Trainee Development (GOLD) has also been approved.

Trainees studying towards the CPA Australia and ACCA qualification can claim exemption from the performance objective component of their practical experience requirements.  They will only be required to use their own record to provide details of their employment and to claim the performance objective exemption.